Sunday, September 20, 2009

Skin 79 BB creams sampler
Size 4x 5g tubes
Price: $11.60 US
Skin79 is a Korean brand with both skin care and make-up. I haven’t used very many Korean skin care products, them being not commonly available in Japan. But since I got a job in Ulsan, I’m going to have to start...
So since I added the skin79 miniature set to a mini order I was doing on Adambeauty.

It comes with 4 mini BB creams.
BB stands for blemish balm. But what BB creams really are a super tinted moisturizers. They are the rage over here in North America...
Anything that eliminates a step from the make-up routine.
So the skin 79 BB creams are basically the same idea. They are tinted moisturizers, most of them with SPF with one or more additional features.
It’s really the additional features that sell me!
I got

Super+ BB
Its UV protection SPF25 Pa++ (considering most tinted moisturizers here are Spf15, or 20 at most, 25 is pretty awesome)
It also claims to be whitening and wrinkle free (whether that means wrinkle minimizing, wrinkle preventing or wrinkle hiding I’m not sure..._

Super + BB – the gold collection
Uv 25++, whitening and Wrinkle improvement
It sounds about the same as the previous one, but the Skin79 website shows a ton of added ingredients, like arbutin and adenosine (both are good for whitening), Q10, phyto complex, Gold and Caviar...
But the full sizes are both the same price... So...

BB diamond collection
It doesn’t say it on the sample tube but it too has Uv 25++, whitening and Wrinkle improvement
according to the Skin79 website.
But apparently this is the newest... It contains many similar components to the other two but it now contains EGF! Which is epidermal growth factor. It’s supposed to help increase cell turnover. (By increasing the growth rate not by removal of dead skin cells.)

BB diamonds collection – Pearl
it’s the same as above, but with added “pearl”
I’ve wanted a BB cream for ages. They seem like the perfect solution to minimize my skin care routine. Now I currently apply a light moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation separately.
I don’t use a tinted moisturizer with all 3 because of the really low SPF (15 is so not enough for me).
I use SPF 50 on a daily basis.
Plus all the ones i’ve tried either have a weird color (too dark or too orange, since tinted moisturizers rarely have more options than light medium and dark) and they tend to irritate my skin. So component in sunscreen actually makes me break out in a rash. For some reason this happens more often with North American brands... It’s horrible. Though I was using the Clinique super city block for a while, but the tint was a little too dark for me, so I had to carefully blend it in.
Anyway... I predicted that the SPF in many BB creams would be better, since BB creams are super light (and it seems to be the heavier the sunscreen the more it irritates me), plus Japanese sunscreen works for me...

The result; I am madly in love with All of the skin 79 BB creams.
Seriously LOVE!
They are all super light, they spread easily and the give light coverage.

As you can see the Super BB and the diamond BB are slightly different in color.
With the Super(s) being slightly darker, and the Diamond(s) slightly more orange,
But once they are spread out they are light enough to blend in perfectly even though they appear to be slightly darker than my skin tone. Honestly once they are on I couldn’t tell you the difference between them (except for the pearl of course.)
It’s the same coverage as the Cover girl trublend I’m currently using as my foundation!
Plus, as you can see from the swatches, there isn’t much color variation between the samples (I expected at least a couple to be totally wrong/ too dark/ too orange.)
But they all are pretty close to my skin tone, and blend like a dream!
They also last well, as good as or a bit better than my CG foundation.

As you can see though, applied they are all basically identical, except for the Pearl.
Sadly it’s not a subtle glow like my Anessa pearly sunscreen. It’s more of a small sparkle.
It’s not quite subtle enough for me for day.
A little too much sparkle when applied all over the face.
But 3 out of being Perfect *Smiles*
Now I just have to decide which one I want in the full size...


  1. waw! xD great blog u know! i get many informations =3 hehe, i dunno anything about make up :D so ur blog helps a lot xD

  2. Vanitymakeup - it really is! I ca't wait to get the fullsize
    Dwitia Iswari - :D I'm glad you like! Come back again soon!

  3. nice purchases you got there. i also had the rubber face wash thing, i wish i didn't leave it in korea! haha