Friday, October 9, 2009

Kose Softymo Q10 powder face wash
Size 75 g
Price $10.45 US (alphabeautystore)
Description from alphabeautystore
This cleansing powder contains specialized enzyme effectively dissolving dirt excessive sebum from skin, not only removes dirts deep from your pores, but also the old keratins & any other harmful substances to skin which may lead to the later formation of black pigment (malanin).
With coEnzyme Q10, glycerine as moisturizing ingredients, leave your skin smooth, clean, and supple after used.
No fragrance. Colorless.

If you’ve never used a powder face wash (and if you’re in North America you likely haven’t) they are... different.
It’s a bit of an adjustment from gel or cream washes.
They are pretty common in Japan. In some products, like enzyme face washes, they make sense. The dry enzyme keeps the enzymes from being oxidized (water tends to be somewhat oxidizing), so they stay fresh and retain their effectiveness for longer.

There are a couple of things that I like about cleansing powders over other types of cleansers.
1. They are light, and they travel really well. You don’t have to worry about them exploding or leaking liquids.
The softymo even has a double cap, to prevent spillage.
2. The flexibility. You can adjust the strength of your cleanser by varying the amount of water/ powder you add.
3. The cleansing power. It’s not as harsh as gels, and leaves no residue like oils
4. It’s un-fragranced and colorless. Honestly there is no reason why a face wash should have either, since they add nothing to the cleansing process.
I’ve only been using the Q10 face wash for a couple of months, and I haven’t seen any significant changes too my face... Mind you, from a cleanser, I didn’t expect any. It leaves my face soft and clean, although a little drier than I like, but that’s not a big deal since I always moisturizers afterwards anyways.
It also doesn’t really remove eye makeup (I pretty sure it’s not supposed to); I always use a separate eye makeup remover anyways, but it if you already using a cleanser that does both, switching to a cleansing powder is probably not for you.
I don’t love it nearly as much as my Kanebo enzyme wash, but it’s a lot cheaper. 
So it makes a really good, light morning cleanser.


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