Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dariya Magic Sheet 
The Dariya magic sheets are basically like flat Velcro rollers. They are designed to hold the hair back while you wash your face, or do your makeup.

... Unecessary right? *laughs* kind of...
I used to just you a headband or put my hair back in a pony tail. 
But they looked cute... 
Damn, I can’t resist cute packaging.

Anyways, they are actually nice to have around. They do a much better job of holding the little short fringe hair than a head band. 
They also don’t mess up a hairstyle.
I always end up with a pony tail line... Which I hate, because no amount of styling gets rid of it.
Plus, if you are doing you make up, they do help prevent you from accidentally getting stuff on your hair.
I generally set my foundation with loose powder, and the finly milled stuff can certainly drift off teh brush.

Yeah, okay, they aren’t a beauty essential. But they were cheap, and I like ‘em. So :P

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