Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Skinfood Biscuit Eye shadow Duo

Skinfood Biscuit Eyeshadow Duo
Price 5,900won (Less than $6)
Color : 3 - pink and gold
Color: 6 - green and copper

Do you see the adorable little biscuit shaped eyeshadow? I squealed when I saw it! It is Sooooo tiny and adorable!
It is in the shape of a little Korean biscuit. The kind that comes free with Alcohol sometimes. Usually with delicious fresh fruit juice and soju!

I had to snap one little compact immediately.
Inside the golden biscuit, are two colors of shadow, imprinted with stars. On  the top, there is a teeny tiny mirror.
The mirror is almost too small to be useful. But I like that fact that Skinfood included a mirror. I feel it shows quality.
Obviously there isn't any room for a brush. So when I bought my first biscuit eyeshadow, it didn't come with one, but I noticed later that little sponge applicators were included within the plastic wrapping sealing it shut. I ended up with an applicator when I bought the second shadow. Then promptly lost it, since there is no room for it inside, and no way to attach it outside.

I picked the pink and gold duo initially.  Texturally the shadows are Gorgeous, smooth and silky. They feel like really good quality shadows.  The pink and gold are really nice. The pink is of average to medium pigmentation, and the gold is sheer. Both have little  gold sparkles and are shimmery. The sparkles are tiny, and the shimmer isn't too pronounced.
Later I bought the dark army green and copper. Even though the green looks really dark, it comes out kind of sheer! It's kind of odd.... The green also has a gold sheen to it.  The copper is just how it looks,  and very similar to the gold. I don't really like the green and copper duo..... But it's because I don't like how the green looks on me. I feel it makes me look drab and old...... Blah.

The pink and gold duo I love.  The colors look really pretty on. It is the tiniest eyeshadow compact I've ever owned, and makes for the easiest eye look. I took it with me Backpacking, along with a cream eyeliner, highlighter and BB cream. It was super minimal (for me.....)

This eyeshadow is sooooo perfect, because it is soooo tiny.


  1. I LOVE the "green" and cooper =D
    i've never seen biscuits like that before... but if I have i'd probably be just as excited about the packaging ^^

  2. Bwahahaha, tricked me, I thought it was a real cookie :/

  3. ack! thats so cute! i havent seen those biscuit e/s here. where do u get them? :)