Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hadalabo - Tamagohada daily foaming cleanser

Hadalabo - Tamagohada daily foaming cleanser
Size: 160ml
Price: 21000won at Olive Young, $12.30 at sasa

Have you heard that BHA is better than AHA for  skin care? I heard that once.... Ever since I jump on products containing BHA.
So of course I had to buy the Hadalabo daily foaming wash. HAD to. It was not optional. *laughs* I am a freak, I know.

I found it in Olive Young, my source for all things Japanese in Korea.
I paid a hefty 21000won for it ($21!!!).  It has since shown up on sasa for only $12.30US. *sobs* I could have bought 2 for that price (Well, almost....)

The ugly packaging is a complete turn off for me.... It's just blue.... So boring!!!! Don't you think??
But I do appreciate the pump, it's hygenic and convient.
Inside the bottle is a liquid, that turns into a foam when you use the pump.
This is something I really like, a foam without aerosols!

Sadly the foam is useless. It doesn't remove make-up well at all. I do use a cleansing oil usually, so this isn't a big deal, and the Hadalabo cleanser does a good job of removing the cleansing oil.
But teh weird thing is, the cleanser really doesn't cleanse....
It starts out as a foam, so it doesn't emulsify. It just sits on the skin until the bubbles dissolve.

I have tried sooo many ways to get the cleanser to work. I have tried, with makeup, without makeup, with cleansing oil, without cleansing oil. Rubbing it with my hands, rubbing it with my silicone face brush, using more, using less, leaving it on while i brush my teeth, washing it off immediately, using it everyday for a week straight.
To no avail. My skin does not feel clean after I use this cleanser.

I don't want a cleanser that makes my skin feel tight, or squeaky clean. I do want a cleanser that doesn't strip my skin. But this cleanser does nothing!!! Nothing!!!!


  1. whoa so stupid that it does nothing.. i ordered hadalabo products a few weeks ago.. curious about the whole line..

  2. I think u should try an oil cleanser or a wash off cleansing lotion =D I love it

  3. you should try the normal cream wash in the hadalabo aha+bha line it's amazing! it really does cleans and leaves your face amazing

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  5. That's too bad. Hado Labo usually pumps out solid products. I just bought their sensitive skin skincare set but have not tried it....but have tried the BB cream emulsion today. So far I like it but I think I need to wear it for a week to see if it makes me break out etc.