Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nature Republic- Real Flower Rose Sleeping Pack

 Dear regular readers : Are you getting tired of my ....dislike of Nature Republic??

If so, well you are about to encounter a number of reviews, where surprise surprise, I like Nature republic!!!
Now Nature Republic is never going to be my favorite Korean brand, but I have to admit, I dislike it less.

So let me introduce you to Nature Republic's Real Flower Rose Sleeping Pack.

In pink..... There were 3 colors, pink, orange and yellow. But they don't have English names or descriptions, so I have no idea what is different about them.
I picked pink because..... It was the prettiest?
The outside is shaped like a rose bud. Do you think it's tacky? Or not so?
It's not my taste, but I don't find it so frilly as to be ugly. For something that is shaped like a giant rose, it's about as tasteful as it could be....

Inside is a little white plastic cover, which helps seal the very runny contents inside.

The sleeping pact is interesting..... It's filled with rose petals, big chunky bits of roses, in a loose runny mask.
It looks kind of disgusting..... But it also looks eerily similar  to Fresh's rose mask (Which I want!!! But there is not a Fresh seller near me..... :( . I think the similarity to Fresh, is the Whole reason I bought the Nature Republic Real Flower Mask.

The pack is supposed to contain Polynesian lagoon water, and real rose petals...  I don't know whether Polynesian lagoon water is something special or not.... Nature republic loves to say where it's water is from, Is that important???
I will say this about it, it smells like a rose.
Like a real rose. The scent is gorgeous.  IT has a hint of fake, but overall it smells real. It smells amazing (If you how roses smell.)

How it feels is both amazing and lumpy.... The pack itself is really light and watery.  Which is how I like my sleeping pack. It is super moisturizing. Not quite as good as the Etude House sleeping pack. But then, nothing is that good! I do wake up with moist, younger looking skin. It really does help me wake up with my skin better moisturized, looking dewy.
It is also really gentle. I have started using retinol, and my skin does NOT like it.... It ends up super sensitive to the touch.... And in fact, regular moisturizers can sting. This is very light and gentle. I really like to use it when my skin is extra sensitive.

The clumps of rose petals are..... not as irritating as I expected.
They do end up as little clumps on the face..... Not very attractive.
But they do seem to break down overnight. I never find bits on my pillow.

Overall, I really like this pack. I love the scent, I love how moisturizing it is, and I don't mind the clumps of rose petals.
If any one figures out the difference between pink yellow and orange, let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. This sounds really interesting. I'll keep it in mind for when my friends travel to Korea again. Thanks for sharing! I'm looking forward to your other Nature Republic reviews.


  2. gooosh I think I'll put it to my wishlist ^^

  3. If anyone tries it let me know what you think :D

  4. The product looks cooool ~~!! I just followed your blog btw ^^ and I never heard of this brand before.. might going to try it out and do more research about it =D I love sleeping masks!!

  5. Thanks for sharing, I'm definitely gonna pick this one up :) If I find out the diff, will let u know :)

  6. My mum brought me back a similar product from Nature republic, but as nothing is English on the packaging, i have no idea what it is! it is shaped like an orange or a peach (orange colour with a green top) and the inside looks the same as above without the rose petals. can you shed any light on this for me as I would like to use it!! thanks