Friday, May 6, 2011

Cosmetex Roland - Eye treatment Cream

Cosmetex Roland - Eye Treatment Cream
Price : Less than $9

This is the second item I've tried from the really inexpensive Japanese Brand ; Cometex Roland.
I was much less disappointed when I opened up the eye treatment cream, than I was with the Face smoother by Cosmetex.
Which is odd, because the Eye treatment cream is quite possibly the most austere product container I have ever seen.
Look at it, it's just white, with it's name.
For some reason, I kind of like it.....
The box the tube came is the opposite though, very designed and shiny.
I think the discordance between the packaging (product versus display), is in part because it is a cheap brand, but I suspect it is an immature brand, still trying to find it's niche.

Inside the white tube is a very simple white cream. Which is dispensed perfectly and sanitarly by the very narrow spout.
I actually love how little product comes out at a time.
Don't you find that most packaging dispenses too much eye cream? And I hate pots of eye cream, it gets under my nails, which is wasteful and unsanitary.

The cream itself is very very light, more a liquid than a cream. It also absorbs quickly and thoroughly.
Not absorbing quickly or thoroughly enough is certainly an issue with a lot of other eye creams (Not a big one, but still...)

As for effectiveness. Its absolutely wonderful.
Well, it is wonderful if what you want is a moisturizing and super light eye cream.

I don't feel it treats dark circles, or fine lines.
But, It is soooo gentle. It has no discernible scent. It also never irritates my delicate eyes.
I think this is a wonderful eye moisturizer.

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