Monday, May 2, 2011

Holika Holika's Peach Girl BB cream

Holika Holika's Peach Girl BB cream
SPF 37
PA ++
Price: 13,000won ($13)
Size : 50ml
I love BB cream's. Don't you?
But it can be hard to find the right color.... Especially since most people can't go to Korea and test out all the shades before they buy. It SUCKS to order one online, only to find out the color is HORRIBLY wrong!

*laughs* But BB creams are still worth the hassle.
So I want to introduce you to an AMAZING BB cream. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
It's Holika's Peach girl BB.
It looks so out of place at Holika! The packaging is far more like something I would expect from Etude house(but not as pretty), or maybe Bavi Phat (which I hate). It's bordering between ugly and boring.
What do you think?
I bought it with low expectations, but it was the only BB at Holika that even came close to my coloring. Since they have 4 different lines of BB creams, this was really surprising. I am SUPER pale, and since BB creams in shade 1 tend to be SUPER pale, they work perfectly for me.
In fact, I am so pale, I can't wear most western makeup. The lightest shade in drugstore lines like cover girl, Maybelline, Revlon, etc.... are too dark(usually).
But the peach bb seems like it could be a good match. But Honestly, I bought it because of the little flip up top, with the blush and little mirror.

*swoons* I love getting 2 products for the price of 1!!!!!!!!!
The Actual BB cream inside was worth the buy. It  is a perfect medium coverage. It's thick enough to give good coverage, but thin enough to blend easily.  It gives a beautiful flawless but natural finish (That's a hard thing to find!)
Shown are the two color's the Peach Girl BB cream comes in; 01 (lighter) and 02(darker). My boyfriend bought me 02, as a part of a gift pack. Which was so sweet, if unusable.....  so I gave it to my mom. It matches her more tanned, golden skin beautifully.
The color are pale beige, and slightly cool toned, as I find Korean BB's tend to be.
You can see from the picture that it is a bit darker than I am, but they do blend in beautifully.

This is truly a wonderful BB, mostly because it blends so beautifully. So that my mother and I can both use the same line, even though our skin tones are vastly different.
Texturelly Peach girl is a really nice BB cream, it is heavier than Korean BB's are usually. Which I actually find a plus. So does provide heavier coverage (relative to other BB creams). This is perfect for problem areas, like dark under eye circles. And for the rest of my face I dilute it with a highlighter (Skin food's secret shine base!!!!!!!!)
The cream does feel slightly heavier and it is a bit stickier. But I also feel it has better staying power.
And let's face it, it still feels nothing like foundation (yuck...).
This is my 2nd favorite BB, My fav still being skin79's absolute BB, but since the Peach Girl BB is 1/2 the price of skin79's, Peach girl is what I reach for day to day.              
The Blush
The blush, tiny little compact atop to cover on the BB, is a standout product on it's own. It is basically a mini version of Holika's cream blush, but I swear the Peach girl blush is even more concentrated. a tiny dab is all I need. 
It blend so well though a tiny dab can easily be spread out. The color is gorgeous, a strong peach pink. I love the color and it does go beautifully with the BB, but I find it a bit odd that they have paired a warm toned blush with a cool toned BB. It does work though :)
Holika Holika's other BB creams.
Until Holika releases new BB creams, you probably won't see any more Holika BB cream reviews from me. ALL of their other BB creams are really DARK!!!
At least they are on me. But this is good news for you readers, since I am sure not all of your are so pale. If you are looking for darker BB creams, try Holika, they have a lovely range of colors!!!!!!!!!                  
                                         GWP.... (Gift with purchase)
Holika Holika is AMAZING for free gifts :D.With my Peach Girl BB I got deluxe samples of the Secret Shine Toner and Emulsion. Along with a whole bunch of other samples tossed in the bag :D


  1. You're right, I don't like the packaging of the BB cream. I'm so glad that it works out for you though. It really is difficult to find the right color match to your skintone when it comes to BB creams.


  2. one question dear, are you a vampire? lol :P

    this is a nice BB cream! and i like that it has a blusher too, very convenient and travel friendly :) thank you for the review!

  3. Are you saying I'm pale? *Tee hee* I know, I know I really am! Luckily for me, in Korea, the paler the better :)

  4. WOW $13 for a good bb cream w/ blush, gwp and samples?? such a stealllllll nice review =] too bad i won't be picking this up, since it's probably too light for me, even 02 =[

  5. I just purchased the Holika Holika Moisture Petit BB Cream, and I'm hoping it won't be too dark! :( I'm super pale as well, and it's a nightmare trying to find something that matches me. If that BB cream doesn't work out, I may have to try the Peach Girl one! awesome review!

  6. Thanks for this review!
    I am also really pale and I was thinking of getting this in green. You don't happen to know if the green version is the same colour as this?

    (Btw, have you tried Missha's Perfect Cover in #13?)

  7. hi there, could you share where you buy your bb creams/asian cosmetics please? thank you :)

  8. I was living in Korea, so in stores, but I also buy a lot from !!!

  9. hi, I have darker skin than yiurs, mine is an Indonesian type. Is this BB cream match for my skin tone well? or it is just perfectly match for pale skin? Thanks before ^^

  10. Color #2 is darker than I am, and better for mid-toned skin, But Holika Holika's Other BB creams are even darker than that. So I recommend you try Holika's other BB"s (all of them are darker!)
    Let me know how it goes!

  11. Hey, can you please give me link if your ordered it from ebay? thank you so much

  12. Sorry, but I bought it in the store and on gmarket.

  13. Lol, you think holika holika's other bb creams are really dark? You must be extremely pale because for most of the world, they're still too pale :P

  14. Hi :) How long do you think this BB cream would last?
    I had skin79's "lovely girl" BB cream and it was gone in few months.

    Also, does this BB cream have mineral oil? I am trying to stay away from bad ingredient. Many thanks :)

  15. i Xibee! What do you mean in terms of 'last'. In terms of shelf life, more than a year, since you squirt out the product, and don't put your finger in it, it stays fresh for a long time.
    In terms of useage, that depends on how much you use! I use maybe a pea size amount daily, so 1 tube used everyday pretty much last me a year.
    I am not sure about the mineral oil... If that is a concern brands like 'Nature republic' and 'Innisfree' are you best bet, they have a number of lines of natural bb creams and products!