Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cosmetex Roland -Face Smoother

Cosmetex Roland -Face Smoother
Price : ~$15
Size : 130 grams !!!
For a bit of a change in Pace, I shall review some Japanese products. I love Japan, I lived in Kobe for awhile. But since most recently I have been living in Korea, my reviews have mostly been of Korean Products.
But I do have a bit of an addiction to
Which is where I found the "face smoother".
I quite enjoy the name. How blunt is that? Sometimes with products from Japan ore Korea, the English name can be quite..... interesting. Like tony moly's 'Egg pore' or Holika 'sugar syrub gloss'

I bought the tub of face smoother from sasa for about $15.

When it arrived, I was kind of disappointed. I mean look at it. The plastic tag that is part of the sanitary seal is kind of cute. I have no idea why there is an animation of the statue of liberty, but I like it.
But look at the actual package..... It's so bland. A plain white tub, with a teal colored sticker....

So I open it up,  inside it is a thick white cream, embedded with ex foliating particles. They are small, and fine. Very very similar to At home micro-derm abrasion kits.

And that's precisely what it is, a large pot of microderm abrasion cream.
At first, I used it once or twice, but I was thoroughly unimpressed.

So I put it away, and didn't come back to it until I was on a mission to use up some products. I began using the face smoother often, partly in an attempt to use it up, partly so I didn't have to go out and find a good exfoliant (I was having an awful time finding one I really liked).

And I began to appreciate the face smoother. First it was the scent. Inially it was too lemony, too lemon cleanser.  But it mellowed, and while the scent still is more furniture polish than lemon grass, it's not off puting.
Then I began to notice how well the exfoliating particles rinsed away, and how smooth my face was after wards.

Plus when you consider how little product comes with at home microderm abrasion kits (One of which cost me $20+, versus the face smoother which weighs in at a hefty 130 grams and cost me ~$15. It is in fact a really good buy.

But the real change came when i started to take it in the shower with me.
The water from the shower, melted the product a bit, so it wasn't as thick.
With it thinned out just a bit, it was creamier, and worked better.

It has become my go to exfoliant.
I finally saw beyond the drab packaging, to the really wonderful product inside.

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  1. i love this product, it's my must have, but sasa stopped stocking it for a year now. i'm out of it and can't find it anywhere... no other exfoliants come even close :(