Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rainbow wave brush
If you haven’t heard of ionic treatments for hair yet I will be shocked.
Now every heat styling tool available is touting some Ionic capability.
I admit, I’m skeptical.
How in the world are ions supposed to make my hair smoother and more beautiful????
But I’m eager to try anything that’s not another goop that I need to slather over my chestnut strands.
So I picked up the Rainbow wave brush.
It comes, as its name would suggest, in a rainbow of colors,
As I’m as sucker for Pink, that’s the one I selected.
It takes two AAA batteries, which insert behind the prongs of the brush itself.
And even has a cute little mirror opposite the bristles, mind you it’s so tiny that it’s absolutely useless ( what am I supposed to do, look at my hair one strand at a time?)

So you turn it on, there are high and low settings…. The difference between which I have yet to determine…
Once on it buzzes, like a vibrator, or an electric tooth brush (for those of you whose minds don’t immediately go to dirty).
Then you just brush your hair.
So I brush and brush.
The first time, I was like “this is a crock.”
But I kept using it.
Eventually I noticed that the brush didn’t just vibrate, the little metal bristles actually get really cold when it’s been on for a little while ( it makes me go all shivery when it touches my skin).
And slowly I started noticing a difference.
If I gently brush my hair when wet after a shower, it air dries in nearly half the regular time.
If I brush my un-styled, curly frizzy hair, it actually does diminish the frizz slightly, in a way a normal brush has never done.
And If I brush my hair when styled it makes it a little bit softer, a little bit smoother.
But best of all, if I curl my hair around the brush, and hold, my hair will retain the shape!
I can curl under the aggravating ends of my hair which insist on flipping outwards, with no heat!!!
That makes it a completely worthwhile product.
And I know I know, that the Ionic brush is not meant to be a styling tool, it’s supposed to improve my hair slowly over time…
But since I change up my hair care products so often It’s hard to say whether or not the brush is slowly improving my hairs condition.
I think so… and I Love my brush... but I suppose I’m inclined to say that (It is Pink after all…)

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