Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I’ve never claimed to be beautiful.
I didn’t get into make and skin care because I wanted to maintain my good looks.
In fact for a really long time had very little interest in skin care at all.
I went through my teen years relatively blemish free, so other than the requisite face washing… and the possible occasional moisturizing, I did zip for my skin.
Plus I’ve always been sensitive to sunscreen… So… it’s only in the past few years I’ve started wearing it when not off to the beach.
Then how did it all start?
Well it all began with my sensitivity to sunscreen.
It burns.
I’ll slather on a light cool layer of sun protection. Minutes later I’m beet red, and my face is on fire.

So my family was taking a family vacation to Hawaii, and I had to find something…
And on my quest, my interest was piqued.
Then I became good friends with a Native Korean in University. She was nearly five years older than me and very concerned about skin care.
Well the addiction caught on.
Now, after living in Japan for a while, Skin care just excites me…


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