Thursday, August 20, 2009

Face washing brush
This is my all time Favourite face tool.
It’s a soft little silicone brush. The package says “Pore-clogging debris and excess skin oil on your entire face are refreshingly dropped”
*laughs* I love that “refreshingly dropped”…
Anyways it’s designed to fit between two fingers, and it’s very comfortable to use.
It’s a huge improvement on just rubbing my cleanser all over my face.
What you do is place the cleanser directly on the brush, and wash your face, the cleanser never needs to touch your hands.

The brush is soft and super gentle, it doesn’t tug or pull at the skin at all.
Which is good, because face cloths (my previous cleaning method…) do. Cloths tend to be rough, they pick up dirt and bacteria easily.
In fact, if you use the same face cloth to wash your face a couple of days in a row (even just to rinse off…) you can get a build up of bacteria, causing acne.
*sigh* It’s happened to me, back before I knew anything about the proper washing methods…
So if you can find one of these little brushes, buy it! ( I have 4 in different colors…)          


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