Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Garnier Nutritioniste Skin renew eye roller.
The Garnier Nutritioniste Line is one I adore… usually. I have tried and tested quite a number of their products, everything from shampoo to cleansers to skin treatments.
Sadly the Anti-puff eye roller didn’t do it for me.
To begin with, there is no designation for evening or day eye treatment. So one would assume it’s meant to be an anytime sort of treatment.
The only problem is this is NOT any anytime type of treatment.
The primary selling feature is its anti puff capabilities. The primary ingredient that is supposed to diminish puffiness is Caffeine.
But Caffeine is a band-aid treatment, it temporarily reduces eye bags, it doesn’t treat the cause of them, it doesn’t treat the skin or the eye area. All it does is temporarily cosmetically treat those horrible bags that I always get under my eyes.
Now don’t get me wrong, I love cosmetic treatments that work. Hell if something makes me look even better for a couple of hours I’m all for it.
It’s just misleading in this case.
So basically the Anti-puff eye roller is good for Daytime use, not as a night time treatment.
There is no point in making the bags under your eyes disappear before you go to bed, not when there’s no one to see them, and you could be putting on an eye treatment to actually help make them permanently go away on instead.
So the Garnier roller was moved to my day time treatment section.
But because the silly thing is pretending to be an any time type treatment, it’s not day time specific.
This means NO SPF! I hate products that don’t multi task.
Because no matter how wonderful it is at removing the bags under my eyes I still have to go out and buy another product to protect against sun damage.
Still, the eye roller does actually help with the level of eye puffiness. After a couple of days the bags under my eyes have diminished.
Not miraculously, but visibly.
But, from my perspective I am better off buying a dual action eye treatment for the day. Pretty much every beauty line has something… and nearly all of them claim to reduce the bags.
And finally the last great wonderful selling feature of the Eye roller, is it’s “Massaging action”
If you buy it, first make sure you roll it on the back of your hand to get it started, otherwise it just pulls roughly at the delicate eye area.
Once the product has started, you gently roll it around the eye area, and my the time you’ve rolled it around once you already have too much product on.
There’s no way you’re getting ANY benefit from massaging action in the amount of time it takes to put the product on, and if you keep going you apply waaaay to much.
SO it’s a gimmick. It’s a nice idea, but it doesn’t work.
Buy something else.

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