Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Face shop - Matte polish in Neon Yellow!

The Face shop - Matte polish in Neon Yellow!
Price : 4000won ($4)
Are you ready to hear something stupid???
I bought another Matte, yellow polish from The Face shop. Does anyone remember my DISASTROUS encounter with a yellow matte polish last year???
If not, go read my post! My nails were YELLOW for 6 months!!!!
I don't know what I was thinking when I bought this Neon Yellow.  I bought the Neon green too.
I think it's the fact they are Matte, and Matte are so hard to find! I'm not sure If I even like the look of matte polish....

Do you like Matte Nail polishes?
So the Neon yellow, as you can see, it is bright. Under florescent lighting, it is blindingly bright.
The color is really cool. It is so different. I have never before, and never again since seen a color quite like it.

The polish itself is creamy, and super thick. It's like paste, and goes on like glue.
This is quite possibly the worst Nail polish to apply. No definitively, I have never encountered a worse nail polish.
I bought it when It first came out too, so it's not like it is old and dried out. It started out nasty and thick.
It's really really hard to get a smooth coat.  If you look at a closeup of my nails, they look uneven and streaky, it is just that thick.

It also stained my nails. Even with a base coat. Mind you, it was only a slight yellow tint, like day old highlighter, but what a pain!! Not to mention, it is expensive (for a Korean polish, they are generally 1-2$.)
Verdict, AVOID Face shop's Matte polishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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