Thursday, September 22, 2011

School Supplies!

Since I decided to go back to school, I had to buy some cute Korean school supplies from G-market! (I swear I don't work for g-market, I just love it so!)
Here's what I got
They look boring on the outside, but inside, they are crayons (not markers!), which is so cool, because they are ERASEABLE! So at the end of the year I can sell my books back!!
Study Planner
It's super cute, but only a 1/2 year planner, which I did not realize! But It's got adorable details, like little customizable cover pieces (Time tables, or motivational sayings, and other random ones!)
Sticky Notes!
I love Sticky notes, the little packet has list notes, timetable notes, indicator tabs, and just regular!
Study Timer
Best thing EVER. It counts down or Up. So I will say set 30minutes, and then keep working until the timer goes off! It's great for keeping me motivated!
Staple-less stapler
It's so odd. It staples paper, without staples! It really works!

So those are my new supplies. I think I am disproportionately excited.... But they are so awesome!


  1. Your new school supplies are so cool!!! Especially the highlighters and staple-less staples~

  2. awww they are all so cute! it sure will motivate you to study harder!!hehee
    though the timer will make me countng every minute to the end of 30

  3. Eve- I know what you mean! But since there is a beep at the end, It actually helps me not look at the clock, before I was looking ever two minutes *sigh*

  4. I love your haul! Everything is so cute.

    I actually love office supplies. The staples stapler sounds so interesting.


  5. Nice.. I use to love shopping for school supplies when I was in school.