Friday, September 30, 2011

The broken :(

I haven't had much luck with eyeshadows. Singles tend to be of terrible quality, quads and trios are much nicer, but then, there is always one color I use more than all the others. One color that I always want in a single.

This Trio was finally one that I loved each and every color. They blended seamless, and looked fantastic.

But.... It broke, and It's skin stopped making it....
So There is no EOTD, because I dropped the compact, and it turned to a powdered mess.
But I wanted to show you what once was a lovely compact, and share my woe.....

It's skin - Color play - Trio Eyeshadow
Price : 6000won I think....
 It's a baked shadow, with a light, dark and in between shade. I got a trio of cool bronzes. The compact is super simple, a mirrorless matte black.

The show really doesn't look like much.... But trust me, it was gorgeous....


  1. :( i hate it when my makeup breaks

  2. *tear* i hate that my butter fingers always drop stuff =[

    maybe try searching blog sales or ebay to see if anyone is selling theirs..

  3. OMG! You poor thing! I know that horrible feeling.


  4. And it was totally new ╥﹏╥ But did three colors mixed together? If not maybe you could try to fix them a little? This method is well-knowed, just type "broken eyeshadow" on youtube. Once I used this method on my broken eyeshadow and it worked.