Saturday, February 11, 2012

Skinfood - Honey Pot

Deja vu? Skinfood + Honey + lip gloss?

I don't know why but skin food has two honey lipglosses, one is in a pot and one is in a tube.
I've already reviewed the one in a tube!

But, don't stop reading they are VERY different.

Obviously, the honey pot is adorable. If you suspect that is why I bought it, you would be right.....
But look at it! And the little honey scoop thingy for application, it is even made out of real wood. How cute is that!

Within the unimportant packaging is a golden transparent lip gloss. It's texture is completely unlike the tube gloss (which was sticky). This is lovely and smooth. It's like a clear vaseline.

The usual Skinfood Cherub!
So, like vaseline, it is great on the lips!!! I really like this as a night gloss, since it is very moisturizing, and thick.  Since it isn't sticky, it doesn't get in my hair(or on my pillow).

As a lip gloss, rather than a night treatment, it has a nice shine, and stays on well for this sort of gloss. It's a bit boring, since it is colorless, essentially flavor and scentless.

Beyond that, it isn't very exciting. But it does a good job at being a lip gloss.

The only problem I have is with the packaging.....
What???? Is that the whole reason i bought it????
Well yes, but the silly thing is so deep!!!! It's like an inch between the rim and the product.
And it is narrow, so you can't use your finger without getting lip gloss under your nail(it is to deep to swipe with the pad of your finger).
So you Have to use the little applicator. But the little applicator just sits on the side (they were clever and there is a little piece of platic that keeps  the applicator with the gloss), but since the applicator is just out there, it get's dirty!!! And the little ridges hold onto dirt!
So after you have used it once, you don't want to use the applicator again!
But you can't use your fingers....
It's really weird.

So a lip brush, I guess?

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