Monday, February 6, 2012

Skin food Honey Lip gloss

Skin food - Honey lip gloss/ Lip treatment
Price : 3900 won
Mmm. Honey. I love the idea of a honey lip treatment! It sounds delicious and wonderful!. 
So I bought 2 different honey treatments from Skinfood. I will review the honey pot soon!

This is a lip gloss. The packaging is a little bit cute, I like the gold pattern of honey combs, and the gloss really looks like honey.

The gloss itself is on the thick side (really, it's what you expect from something with honey!), it has a very slight honey scent, and tastes sweet(but not like honey!)
As a lip treatment it is not very good.... It's not moisturizing, it doesn't make my lips soft...

As a lip gloss, it's not very good..... It's a bit too sticky, and doesn't last!
It applies clear, and has a nice shine, but that's about all it has going for it....
It was cheap, and It's not a bad gloss, just not great.
Honey lip gloss = Mediocre.


  1. Glad to see you're back to posting regularly!
    It's too bad that gloss isn't great, anything honey sounds pretty nice to me!

  2. Me too :) It's awesome to have a working computer again!

  3. Aw damn! I'm surprised it isn't moisturizing since honey itself is, but I guess the other products in the lippy are effecting that. Looks almost edible though.. haha