Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Korean Brushes!!!

Korean In-Store Brand Brushes (Etude House, Holika Holika, It's Skin, etc.)
So, do you uses make-up brushes??? When I first go into makeup, I didn't, I thought they were stupid.
I was also woefully inept at all things makeup.....

I have since come to appreciate a good brush. My eyes look better with properly applied eye shadow, beautifully rimmed with creme eyeliner. My eyebrows are even straighter, and more dramatic.

So I've purchase a number of brushes from Korean In-store Brands.
I have Etude House, Skin food, It's Skin, Holika Holika, and.... um.... Oh, one from Tony Moly.
To be honest, I'm probably missing some....

Different Packaging 

The thing is, all the brushes are the EXACT same!!! It's so weird. The only difference is the packaging, and the name printed on the handle.
But the brush, the shape/size, texture, same same same!

So I thought I would do ONE BIG review for Korean Brushes....

The prices range from about 3000 won to 12000. The most expensive is the foundation brush.
I have a few different size eye shadow brushes, and a couple of eyeliner brushes.

See! Same same same!!! All the little ones are the same, just different sizes!!!

Honestly, I love them all.....

They are beautiful quality for the price.
I've had this one since 2009! It still looks the same!

I've never encountered any shedding. The bristles hold their shape really well, they are soft, with a bit of structure. I have cleaned them countless times, the labels have worn off, but the bristles and handle are still like new!

The handles are a bit stubby for their height, and kind of soft(a little like rubber). So they are very comfortable to use.

So, if you use makeup brushes, pick up some by a Korean in-store brand. I love them....


  1. That is funny how they are all the same even though they are from different cosmetic companies. They are all probably manufactured by the same company. I can't do my makeup with out brushes. I don't use the applicators that come with the cosmetics I purchase. I wonder if my friends will have time to pick up some brushes for me when they are in Korea next week.

  2. wow they really look all the same >.< kekeke I never tried purchasing korean brands' make up brushes, but now I feel encouraged ;) Korean cosmetics are really so pleasent to use, so the same probably goes with make up accessories. Time to try some ^___^

  3. lol, I'm glad that was encouraging :)

  4. I completely agree that they are probably all made by the same company! As long as they are good right :)

  5. I have exactly the same brush from Etude House; and have been using it for years. Really last and lots of praises for its affordable price and great quality :)

  6. I never paid attention to Korean brand brushes...They look pretty sleek actually with the black colour...