Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holika Holika - Apple shine scrub soda

Holika Holika - Apple shine scrub soda                                                                                             
Price: 8,500 won ($8.50)
Holika has an assortments of scrubs, and most of them look really boring.... I am such a packaging whore. Seduced by the pretty or new.
I can't remember why I bought the Apple shine scrub soda.... It certainly wasn't for the packaging, which looks almost as boring as stuff here in the west.
Has anyone else noticed the inconsistent packaging and style of Holika holika? There website pretty clearly defines their style, but.....
I haven't noticed it with other companies, has anyone else?
On to the scrub- The apple shine scrub is a scrub. It comes in a very generous tub.  (tee hee, that rhyme was accidental...)
The scrub is very odd. It's basically moist baking soda.... Which makes sense since it is a Scrub "soda". I've never used baking soda as a facial scrub. 
Does anyone know if baking soda is supposed to have special properties for cleansing? I love baking soda toothpastes.
Having never used a baking soda scrub, I'm not sure if I can accurately access it. I found it bad. Oh so bad!
It's really rough, I think too rough for the face. It's textured like baking soda with a bit of water added, and it has no scent! It says apple in the name, but I can't detect any apple.

It is a very rough scrub, so it does exfoliate well, my face feels very smooth afterwards. 
In the end, I will never buy this again. It's not worth it at all....

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