Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Etude house - Peach Beam blusher

Etude house - Peach Beam blusher
The whole peach line from Etude house is WONDERFUL! But sadly it only contains a handful of items. This is the newest addition, a two tone blusher. The style is very similar to a lot of companies in Korea, a lot of eyeshadows and blushes are showing up in this crescent moon shape. In fact I adore the similar looking eyeshadows from Holika Holika.
I can't be certain, since it does not say on the package, but I am fairly certain it is a BAKED blush. It has the mounded shape, and the texture of a bake powder.
The blush comes in three choices.  I picked #3 Peach beam.
It contains 2 colors, a peach toned pink and an orange ( contrary to the name this half is more orange then peach.)
Swatches- The middle is the two colors blended!
Both colors are very pearly, which I find weird since the lighter color is meant to be a highlighter(in which case it makes more sense for the blush to be matte, or at least less pearly.... Don't you think?) 
Not only is it pearly but it's sparkly too! It has tiny golden sparkles. It is definitely a very Young looking blush!
I am willing to bet that this alone would put off a lot of you reading this.  But the truth is the colors are lovely! They are soft, and beautifully coordinated, the  blush is soft and fine, and of medium strength.
So really, I think it's very wearable. Especially since blush is usually very subtly applied. I feel that with a light hand, The Peach Beam blusher is lovely. It's warming, and softening, and just gives a face light.
I adore this blush, I really should have picked up all three colors...
As you can see the blush is pearly, but the sparkles are barely noticeable. It can be lovely and subtle!


  1. Oh, gosh! It looks just like The Body Shop's Baked to Last Blush. http://www.thebodyshop-usa.com/blush/prod1032548

    It looks gorgeous on you. :)

  2. They do look similar! Did you try the bodyshop's?

    And thanks :)

  3. Oh I have to say I hate this blusher from etude :(

  4. frumpy - Why oh why? Color? Texture? Shimmer?