Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holika Holika Candy Pop Nail Polish

Holika Holika Candy Pop Nail Polish
Price: 2000 won ($2!)
The Candy pop Nail series is all bright 'summery' gel polishes.
This color is my least favorite of the Candy Pop series. But I still like it....
It's kind of weird, because every other Candy pop color is clear, and gel like (is that what those kinds of polishes are supposed to be called), but this color is kind of creamy....
It's like half candy pop, half regular Holika line (blue tops are all creamy goodness).
So it's just very out of place, and doesn't do either way that well....

It's a solid 3 coat polish, which is how many I have on in the picture.
The color itself is nice. It's not my favorite, but It's a very wearable color for me, since it's a pinky purple!

Anyway, don't be scared off from the Candy Pop series by this review. The rest of the line is stunning!

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