Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm back..... Almost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear readers;
I have missed you all!
I aven't forgotten my blog, I haven't gotten a new computer yet....
But! I am going to Have a grand reopening Decemeber 1st! With a STACK of new reviews.

So here is your chance, what do you want to read about first?
I've gotten a million new Korean items!
Maybe eyeshadow, or toner,
Or request something strange(I've picked strange beauty products :)
Just leave a comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. bring on the strange beauty products babe! hahaha glad to have you back!!! :)

  2. 1)my face has a lot of acne right now due to clogged pores. so i want to see more reviews on beauty products that are good for the pores and not irrationg to the skin( looking for a good serum or moisturizers)
    2) I was given a missha lipstick by my friend and i love it, could you do some reviews on korean lipsticks?

    happy you are back ^ ^

  3. Yay! Will you be in Seoul still? I'm moving and I think I'll have more of a chance to visit you, if you'd like to meet up!

  4. I'm trying to get ride of this dark tan on my forehead >_< Have you tried any of Skinfood's whitening lines? There's Tomato, Omija, and Juice C. What's the difference, other than price?

  5. 2nd the lipsticks!
    also finishing powders?

  6. k - I am not in Seoul at the moment. But hopefully I will be back in the new year! Are you going on Vacation? or are you planning on teaching?

    Denote - The Omija line is super expensive... I have only used samples, but it does seem to be the best. But the Juice C is really nice, good quality, gentle, but still somewhat whitening. Etude house's whitening mask (o2 or something) is cheap, and the strongest whitener I've found!

    And your requests have all been noted :)